Picking the right tools for the job will help you to get the best finish. Choosing a quality tool, will ensure the best possible finish can be achieved.

*Brushes - There are many styles of brushes, different styles are used for different applications. For broad surfaces and walls, a wall brush can be used. For cutting in corners, window sashes and skirting board, a straight or angled sash cutter can be used. Sash cutters have a longer slender handle, allowing a greater reach and straighter painting when painting above shoulder height. When choosing a paint brush, look for a smooth synthetic filament. The tipping of the filament is important, flagged tipped brush are great for oil based application or where reduced brush marks are important. Needle point filament tips, achieved with an synthetic filament will also deliver a ultra precise and fine painting finish, and work well with water based paints.

*Rollers - The right roller is about the right nap length (length of fabric fibres). Choose the length of the fibres based on the type of work you are doing; longer fibres will hold more paint (meaning you get more paint on the surface you're painting), but will create a soft stipple finish (orange peel effect) on the surface. Short fibres do not hold as much paint, but leave you with a very smooth coating on the surface. When using gloss paints always use a short nap roller such as the RotaCota Easy Clean Doors + Trims rollers. With flat and low sheen paints a longer nap roller can be used to gain increased coverage - try the RotaCota Easy Clean Walls + Ceilings rollers.

Start by just running the roller through your hands while it is dry to remove to remove any loose lint and fibres from your roller before use. You can then wash the roller in the recommended paint solvent (normally water or Mineral Turps), this will remove any remaining fibres. A little bit of water or turps in the roller is fine when you first use the roller as it will help the roller to pick up the paint. Just make sure it is not dripping wet, so roll it on some newspaper to remove the worst of the moisture.

RotaCota rollers are all suitable for use with solvent based paints. Our rollers are all thermally bonded to the core, this eliminates the need for any glues that may dissolve in some paints.