Product Code: N1030957-UNIT

RotaCota Calibre Slim Angle Cutter 63mm

  • Nylon filament blend for less whip, more control and sharper lines
  • Great pick up and release to improve efficiency
  • Seamless stainless steel ferrule
  • FSC raw beechwood handle for improved comfort and control
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The RotaCota Calibre Slim Angle Cutter Brush provides great pick up and release of paint. The filament blend has less whip, providing more control and results in straighter lines. The brush is suitable for all types of paints.

The RotaCota Calibreā„¢ range offers a premium quality for precision and durability. The fine filament of the bristles and comfortable ergonomic handle, makes it the go-to choice for achieving professional results on a variety of surfaces.